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I/O Modules - Analog/Discrete

1756 Specialty Input Module

Company Overview:

For more than 25 years, Spectrum Controls has been a trusted Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner. We build Allen Bradley compatible I/O modules, Remote Access solutions, and Industrial Displays. The Rockwell Automation TechConnect program supports all of our I/O and InView Marquee Displays.

Product Overview:

The preferred choice in temperature sensingthe 8-channel Universal Analog Input Module offers unsurpassed flexibility by accommodating a broad variety of analog input signals for the ControlLogix platform. The 1756sc-IF8u provides eight configurable channels for thermocouple, RTD, resistance, voltage and/or current analog monitoring applications. In addition, the 1756sc-IF8u dramatically lowers system costs by reducing I/O racks, power supplies and enclosures. Using producer/consumer technology, the 1756sc-IF8u provides two new powerful I/O data triggers which minimize traffic and maximize bandwidth. Simple and easy to use, the 1756sc-IF8u provides seamless connectivity and quick configuration using existing programming software. The 1756sc-IF8u is easily customized by choosing a variety of user selectable features, including selectable channel by channel input noise filters, digital filtering, user scaling and process alarms. The 1756sc-CTR8 features 8 incremental counter or turbine flowmeter inputs respectively, each of which can count incremental inputs up to 50KHz. When paired, the inputs can be configured for up/down and quadrature counting.

Primary Industries:

  • Automotive
  • Power & Energy
  • Water & Wastewater

Primary Applications:

  • Drying Ovens
  • HVAC Systems
  • PID Loops
  • Packaging Systems
Product Name/ Catalog No. Description Platform Connectivity
1756 8-Ch Universal Analog
8 Channel Universal Input Module: Selectable Voltage, Current, RTD, Resistance and Thermocouple
  • 1756 ControlLogix Add On Profile
  • Backplane
Counter / Flowmeter Input
8 Channel 65KHz DC Counter and AC Turbine Flowmeter
  • 1756 ControlLogix Add On Profile
  • Backplane
Hi-density 48V discrete input
32 Channel 48V discrete input module for ControlLogix
  • 1756 ControlLogix
    1756 ControlLogix Add On Profile
  • Backplane

Standard Features:

  • 38 Input Types - RTD, TC, Resistance, Voltage, Current
  • Auto-Calibration
  • Producer-Consumer Technology
  • Selectable Filters


  • .1% or better accuracy
  • 32 bit data
  • 8 Configurable Inputs
  • Flash Upgradeable
  • Floating Point Data
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Tom Benson
Spectrum Controls Inc.
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