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Network - Diagnostics

Industrial Communication/Control Network Protocol Analyzer

Company Overview:

The Frontline family of protocol analysis tools represents 30+ years experience in wired and wireless communications analysis for industrial and commercial applications. In 2016, Frontline was acquired by Teledyne LeCroy, a leading manufacturer of advanced test instruments.

Product Overview:

NetDecoder is a PC-based industrial control network protocol analyzer/sniffer designed specifically to help isolate comm problems and reduce downtime with serial (RS-232/422/485), Ethernet (EtherNet/IP), and fieldbus devices and networks (DH+, DH-485, DeviceNet, ControlNet). Developed in close association with Rockwell Automation customers, it helps baseline, survey, and troubleshoot network and development issues. It provides network statistics, timestamped data bytes & control lead transitions, and decoded control protocol messages in plain language; live and in real time. Additional protocols/networks include DF1, PCCC, CSP, Modbus, DNP3, IEC-60870, and BSAP. Use NetDecoder to characterize network usage, isolate message or control lead timing issues, and analyze data messaging between devices during installation and start-up; review existing networks for optimization, expansion or replacement; and limit downtime by helping to isolate communication problems. An indispensable test tool for design engineers, system integrators, OEM development and test engineers, RTU troubleshooters, field service & maintenance engineers, and network engineers.

Primary Industries:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power & Energy
  • Process Control

Primary Applications:

  • Aids in debugging software/saves time
  • Analyze data timing/increase production
  • Analyze network statistics: live!
  • Decode app./messaging protocols live
  • ID network faults before trouble starts
Product Name/ Catalog No. Description Platform Connectivity
NetDecoder is a PC-based protocol, data, and monitor analyzer for Ethernet, fieldbus, & serial communication networks
  • Windows Vista
    Windows XP
  • ControlNet
    Data Highway Plus

Standard Features:

  • Captures files you can e-mail to colleagues to solve issues
  • Common user interface: Learn one FTS product, learn them all
  • Decodes protocol/messaging data (hex) into plain language
  • Highlights errors in red for rapid identification
  • Provides network stats to analyze to ID utilization problems


  • 1 or 2 serial ports for sniffing serial
  • 500MB RAM, Pentium PC w/ Windows XP, 50MB disk space
  • Capture file size is only limited by open disk space
  • Fieldbus may require additional hardware
  • Requires Ethernet port for sniffing Ethernet
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Sandra Marsh
Teledyne LeCroy
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Phone:434 984-4500x214

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