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Company Overview:

Since 1977, Mesta Electronics, Inc. has specialized in the design and manufacture of advanced power quality and conversion equipment. Mesta's products offer innovative design with superior efficiency and reliability, ranging from advanced harmonic filters to precise induction heating power supplies.

Product Overview:

The Mesta Digital Power Factor and Harmonic Manager (Mesta DPM) is a true Active Harmonic Filter. The Mesta DPM can be incorporated with any type of non-linear plant loads, to provide low harmonic distortion and unity power factor to the plant utility grid to meet ANSI/IEEE 519-1992 requirements, under all constant or variable load conditions. The Mesta DPM output coexists in parallel with the utility, being precisely phase-locked and voltage-equalized. The powerful DPM digital controller, while continuously investigating the load harmonics, instantly directs the energy/current flow in and out of the DPM to make the three-phase line currents harmonic free, balanced, and at unity power factor. This results in reduced utility costs, more reliable system operation and extended life of electrical equipment.

Primary Industries:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Various
  • Water & Wastewater

Primary Applications:

  • Harmonic correction for VFD's
  • Harmonic correction for UPS
  • Plant Utility cost savings
  • Facility harmonic correction
Product Name/ Catalog No. Description Platform Connectivity
Digital Power Manager
Active Harmonic Filter can be incorporated with any non-linear loads to meet IEEE 519-1992 requirements.
  • AC Drives
    DC Drives
  • Ethernet
    Ethernet - EtherNet/IP

Standard Features:

  • Limits input harmonic current to less than 5% TDD
  • Helps meet ANSI/IEEE 519-1992 recommendations
  • Reacts instantly to varying load conditions
  • Improves power factor to unity & balances three phase lines
  • Compensates for single or multiple loads


  • Voltage: 480 VAC, 3 phase nominal
  • Frequency: 60Hz + - 5 Hz
  • Sizes Ranging from 50 to 300 amps of corrective current
  • Available Nema 1 or panel mount
  • UL Listed
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Mesta Electronics Inc.
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