Region Locations for ProSoft Technology


ProSoft Technology, Inc.

9201 Camino Media
Suite 200
Bakersfield CA,93311
Phone: +1-661-716-5100
Fax: +1-661-716-5101


ProSoft Technology, Inc.

C210, Damansara Intan
1 Jalan SS20/27
Petaling Jaya
Selangor   47400
Phone: +603-7724.2080
Fax: +603-7724.2090


ProSoft Technology SAS

Zone d'activite de Font Grasse
17, Rue des Briquetiers
Blagnac   F-31700
Phone: +33-5-3436-8720
Fax: +33-5-6178-4052

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Product Category Links to Detailed Product Information by Region
Cellular Modems/Routers Industrial Cellular Gateways and DevicesAmericasAsia-PacificEurope
Ethernet Remote Access Industrial Cellular GatewayAmericasAsia-PacificEurope
Network - Gateway Bridge Migration and Building Automation GatewaysAmericasAsia-PacificEurope
Stand Alone Gateway SolutionsAmericasAsia-PacificEurope
Network - Protocol Solutions Communication Protocols for CompactLogixAmericasAsia-PacificEurope
Communication Protocols for ControlLogixAmericasAsia-PacificEurope
Communication Protocols for FLEX I/O & FLEXLogixAmericasAsia-PacificEurope
Communication Protocols for PLC-5AmericasAsia-PacificEurope
Communication Protocols for SLC-500AmericasAsia-PacificEurope
New Solutions,Migration and Building Automation for ControlLogixAmericasAsia-PacificEurope
Scalable Modbus® Solutions for CompactLogixAmericasAsia-PacificEurope
Process Instruments - Gas and Oil Measurement Oil and Gas Flow Measurement & ControlAmericasAsia-PacificEurope
Wireless - I/O Wireless I/OAmericasAsia-PacificEurope
Wireless - Modems Industrial Broadband HotspotsAmericasAsia-PacificEurope
Industrial Frequency HoppingAmericasAsia-PacificEurope

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