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1734 POINT I/O

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POINT I/O™ is a family of modular I/O modules that are ideal for applications where flexibility and low-cost of ownership are key for successful control system design and operation. As a key element in the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture, its comprehensive diagnostics and configurable features allow the product to easily be applied to any automation system and reduce engineering costs through standardization. It can be used in remote device panels, local control panels, and can be accessed from many locations including the Internet. This product is just-what-you-need granularity in one to eight points to reduce system cost and size.

POINT Guard I/O™ modules are safety-rated I/O modules designed to fit into the standard POINT I/O system, offering automation and safety functionality in a maximum density I/O solution. They are ideal for use in applications requiring safety and automation control. POINT Guard I/O and POINT I/O can be controlled by a single GuardLogix controller for both safety and automation control through one node. If separate safety control is required, a GuardLogix controller can be used with POINT Guard I/O modules for safety control and a ControlLogix controller can be used with POINT I/O modules for automation control. No changes are required to the POINT I/O system.