HMI Software

Product Overview

FactoryTalk View

FactoryTalk View provides a suite of HMI software products designed with a common look, feel, and navigation to help speed HMI application development and training time. Supporting the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture, FactoryTalk View is part of the scalable and unified suite of monitoring and control solutions designed to span stand-alone machine-level applications up through supervisory-level HMI applications across a network. FactoryTalk View includes the PC-based development tool FactoryTalk View Studio, as well as FactoryTalk View Machine Edition, FactoryTalk View Site Edition, and FactoryTalk ViewPoint software.


Product Design

FactoryTalk View products offer a common development environment, architecture, and application reuse, so that customers can increase productivity, reduce operation costs, and improve quality.

FactoryTalk View Studio provides a common development tool for FactoryTalk View Site Edition and FactoryTalk View Machine Edition, allowing users to create applications in a single design environment. FactoryTalk View Studio supports editing and reusing projects for improved portability between embedded machine and supervisory HMI systems. With FactoryTalk View, all software products in the suite are built on the same integrated, scalable architecture. Application developers can import entire machine-level applications into supervisory-level applications or drag individual components and drop them right into supervisory projects, saving development time and reducing engineering and training costs. Users can import PanelBuilder32 (PanelView) applications into FactoryTalk View Machine Edition and RSView32 applications into FactoryTalk View Site Edition, protecting their current HMI investments.

FactoryTalk View Machine Edition (ME) is a machine-level HMI that supports both open and embedded operator interface solutions for monitoring and controlling individual machines or small processes. FactoryTalk View Machine Edition allows for a consistent operator interface across multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows CE, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and server solutions. Components of this HMI are a PC-based development tool called FactoryTalk View Studio and a separate runtime system called FactoryTalk View Machine Edition Station. FactoryTalk View Machine Edition Station runs projects developed with FactoryTalk View Studio. Flexible runtime choices include Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus platforms, with display sizes that range from 4 to 15 inches, and the industrial computers.

FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) is an HMI for developing supervisory-level monitoring and control applications. This distributed and scalable architecture can be applied to a stand-alone one-server/one-user application to multiple users interfacing with multiple servers. FactoryTalk View Site Edition includes runtime servers and clients, allowing customers to develop and deploy a multi-server/multi-client application. Applications are developed with the FactoryTalk View Studio development tool.

FactoryTalk ViewPoint, an add on to FactoryTalk View Studio software and PanelView Plus 6 terminals, provides on-demand access to important information about your plant or process from a web browser. Plant managers, supervisors, OEMs, system integrators, and other key stakeholders can access and monitor plant operations from virtually any location. Using FactoryTalk ViewPoint, you can monitor customer applications, perform diagnostics, and provide remote support without having to be at customer sites. This thin-client configuration does not require any client software to install and maintain, lowering the total overall cost of ownership.


Offering preferred connectivity to Rockwell Automation products, FactoryTalk View Machine Edition is the ideal product to connect to devices such as ControlLogix, CompactLogix, MicroLogix, PLC-5, and SLC controllers. Networks supported include Ethernet, ControlNet, DH+, DF1, and DH-485. All FactoryTalk View Machine Edition runtime platforms also include KEPserver Enterprise to support a wide variety of third-party programmable controllers and devices.