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ControlNet Communication Interfaces

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PC Interfaces

These products provide ControlNet communication for control systems.

Cat. No. Product Description
1784-U2CN USB to ControlNet Cable Provides a ControlNet network connection for any Microsoft Windows-based computer with a USB interface
1784-PCIC ControlNet PCI Bus Interface - Redundant Media Lets a PCI-bus computer communicate on a ControlNet network and supports redundant media operation
1784-PCICS ControlNet PCI Bus I/O Bridge Card Supports 128 unscheduled and 127 scheduled connections; drivers for Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP
1784-PKTCS ControlNet Universal PCI Scanner Card Enables PCI local bus compatible computers to communicate directly with other ControlNet products
1747-KFC15 ControlNet RS-232-C PC Interface for SLC 500 Controllers Lets you connect RS-232 devices to a ControlNet network