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Ethernet Switches

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Stratix 6000 Fixed Managed Switches

Click to enlarge - 1783_Stratix6000_4C

With simple setup and default configurations for EtherNet/IP, the Stratix 6000 line of fixed managed switches is designed to help ease deployment of the Ethernet network on the plant floor. Ideal for the controls environment, Stratix 6000 switches offer CIP tags and configuration screens in RSLogix 5000 programming software. Diagnostic faceplates for FactoryTalk View HMI software, which is the preferred way for controls and automation professionals to integrate networked devices, are also available. Switch options include a four-port copper or eight-port copper with an option for fiber uplink to higher level networks.


Product Selection

Cat. No. Description
1783-EMS04T 4 copper ports Click to enlarge - 1783-EMS04T_Stratix6000_front4C
1783-EMS08T 8 copper ports
1 fiber SFP slot
Click to enlarge - 1783-EMS08T_Stratix6000_front4C

Technical Specifications

  1783-EMS04T 1783-EMS08T
Ports per Module 4 (9) 8 +1 SFP slot
Copper Ports 4 10/100 full/half duplex 8 10/100 full/half duplex
Fiber Ports supports 1 G fiber SFP
SFP Slots 1
CompactFlash Memory No
Power Requirements 12…48V DC
Class 2/SELV
100 mA at 24V DC
12…48V DC
Class 2/SELV
250 mA at 24V DC
Inrush Current, Max. 2.2 A
Power Dissipation 2.6 W @ 60 °C (140 °F) max 5.8 W @ 60 °C (140 °F) max
Fiber Optic Ethernet Data Rate 1000 Mbps⋆ 
Fiber Optic Connector Type LC⋆ 
⋆ Available with optional SFP module.

Key Software Features

Feature Benefit
RSLogix 5000 AOP (Add On Profile) Enables easy switch setup and diagnostics with Logix controllers and the Integrated Architecture.
VLAN (Virtual LAN) with trunking Helps ease network management in the production network.
QoS (Quality of Service) Enables prioritization of applications, users, or data flows to help provide a higher level of network predictability.
Bandwidth Threshold Alarming Supports alarms to track network changes and detect malfunctioning devices.
MAC ID Port Security Enables tracking network changes from the controller through new MAC ID notifications.
DHCP per port Supports assigning a specific IP address to each port, enabling device replacement without manually configuring IP addresses.
IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) Snooping and Querier Reduces multicast traffic from intensive IP applications, such as I/O control on EtherNet/IP.
Port Mirroring Copies network traffic seen on one switch port to another. Typically used as a diagnostic tool.

Product Specifications

Click the following link for full product specifications: Technical Specifications [PDF]


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