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Motion Control, Integrated

Motion Control, Integrated Get More Information about Kinetix Integrated Motion
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Get More Information about Kinetix Integrated Motion

A variety of materials is available to introduce you to the Kinetix Integrated Motion solution from Rockwell Automation.

OEM Resources

A growing number of OEMs are enjoying the many benefits of Kinetix Integrated Motion. For machine builders, Kinetix saves time and money every step of the way.





To get more information on how Rockwell Automation is helping machine builders, visit The Complete OEM website at:

Component Products

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful motion solution, you can benefit from our motion components that are designed to work in a wide variety of machine architectures. Allen-Bradley Ultra5000 Intelligent Positioning Drive and Ultra3000 Servo Drive with Indexing are designed to provide high performance motion control in a small package. Both are available with a DeviceNet option. For more information on some of our component products, visit:

Motion Analyzer

Motion Analyzer uses sophisticated optimization tools to maximize ratios, inertia, and mechanical alternatives for motion control applications. Motion Analyzer:


Selection Guide

For complete information and specifications for Kinetix Motion Control products, including accessories and system combination information, refer to the Kinetix Motion Control Selection Guide, publication GMC-SG001. Visit: