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Pico Controllers

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Using the Keypad

Pico controllers, with on-board keypad and LCD display, can be programmed entirely from the front keypad. Models without the keypad and LCD display are programmed by using PicoSoft programming software or by installing a pre-programmed memory module.

Pico controllers can contain 128 program rungs. Each rung may contain three input instructions and one output instruction. The instruction set includes:

Using PicoSoft Programming Software

Click to enlarge - 1760PicoSoftScreen_4C

PicoSoft programming software (1760-PICOSOFT) lets you create, edit, store, upload, download, and test programs for Pico controllers. This software:

With a Pico controller connected to your PC, you can:

Download PicoSoft software free of charge from the Pico web site or order PicoSoft software on CD (1760-PICOSOFT) for a nominal fee.

Cat. No. Description
1760-PICOSOFT PicoSoft Programming Software (for Pico only)
1760-PICOSOFTPRO PicoSoft Pro Programming Software (for Pico and PicoGFX)
1760-CBL-PM02 Programming Cable, PC to Standard Pico Processor