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DeviceNet Communications Module

The Pico DeviceNet module lets you connect a Pico controller as a slave device on the DeviceNet network. It connects to the Pico controller like an expansion I/O module. It can be used with the Pico 18- and 20- point controllers and the PicoGFX controller. 24V DC power must be provided to the device.

Cat. No. Description
1760-DNET Pico DeviceNet Communications Module

Memory Module

Use a memory module to backup your program and data.

Cat. No. Description
1760-MM1 Pico 8K Memory Module for 12-Point Controllers
1760-MM2 Pico 16K Memory Module for 18-Point Controllers
1760-MM2B Pico 32K Memory Module

Remote Processor

The remote processor is used for terminal mode operation of Pico controllers and I/O modules. Use the remote mounting processor with Pico controllers, Pico expansion I/O, and PicoGFX controllers. Perform text messaging and make data adjustments using the display/keypad unit.

Cat. No. Description
1760-RM-PICO Pico Remote Processor Unit

Power Supply

The 24V DC power supply is sized to provide enough power for any standard Pico or PicoGFX system. Line power can be 100 to 240V AC or 85 to 375V DC.

Cat. No. Input Voltage Output Power Output Voltage Rated Output Current Dimensions (W x H x D), Approx.
1606-XLP30E • 100…240V AC, 47…63 Hz
• 85…375V DC
30 W 24…28V DC • 1.3 A @ 24.5V
• 1 A @ 28 V
45 x 75 x 91mm (1.77 x 2.95 x 3.58 in)

PC-to-Pico Interface Cable

The PC-to-Pico interface cable connects a Pico controller to your PC for use with PicoSoft programming software.

Cat. No. Description
1760-CBL-PM02 Programming Cable, PC to Standard Pico Processor

I/O Simulator Module

Cat. No. Description
1760-SIM Input Simulator for 12 I/O DC Pico Controller