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I/O Modules and Hardware

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I/O Adapter Modules

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An I/O adapter module in a chassis with I/O modules interfaces the I/O modules with the I/O link for communication with a scanner port for a processor at another location. I/O adapter modules for 1771 I/O are available for ControlNet, Universal Remote I/O, and Extended Local I/O links.

For 1771 I/O to be controlled by a processor other than one in the same chassis with the I/O modules, an I/O adapter module must be placed in left-most slot of the chassis containing the I/O modules.

The 1771-ASB is compatible with an I/O link with 32 I/O-adapter devices and either 82W or 150W termination.


Cat. No. 1771-ALX 1771-ASB
Description Extended local I/O adapter module Universal Remote I/O adapter module
Port Extended Local I/O adapter port Universal Remote I/O adapter port
Communication Rate not comparable (parallel) •57.6 kbit/s
•115 kbit/s
•230 kbit/s
Connectors D-shell connector 1771-WB wiring arm
Cable 1771-CX1 (1 m)
1771-CX2 (2 m )
1771-CX5 (5 m)
Belden 9463
Backplane Current Load @ 5V 1.2 A 1.0 A
Weight 0.6 kg (1.2 lb) 0.9 kg (1.9 lb)
Operating Temperature    
Nonoperating Temperature    
Relative Humidity    
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