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MicroLogix 1200 Controllers

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The MicroLogix 1200 controllers provide an RS-232C port. MicroLogix 1200R controllers provide an second RS-232C port that supports DF1 full-duplex protocol only. This second port lets you connect the controller to a computer running RSLogix 500 programming software or connect to an HMI device, such as a PanelView display, without removing the existing connection or requiring a network connection.

The RS-232C port available on all MicroLogix 1200 and 1200R controllers can be used for the following types of communication:

Communication Description
Point-to-point communication • Supports direct connection of programming and operator interface devices, and supports dial-in remote programming.
DF1 protocol • DF1 full-duplex, DF1 half-duplex master and slave, report-by-exception, and peer-to-peer data exchange.
DF1 radio modem protocol • Transmit data efficiently through the DF1 radio modem protocol.
• Each read/write transaction requires only one TX from initiator and one TX from the responder, so “key-ups” and power consumption are minimized.
• For more information see the MicroLogix 1200 and 1500 Instruction Set Reference Manual, publication 1762-RM001.
ASCII • A full ASCII command set for the RS-232-C port allows read and write with ASCII devices.
Modbus RTU master and slave protocols • Modbus communication is supported through the RS-232-C port.
DH-485 communication • Connect to a DH-485 network through an Advanced Interface Converter (1761-NET-AIC).
• The DH-485 network may connect up to 32 devices.
DeviceNet communication • Connect to a DeviceNet network of up to 64 devices through a DeviceNet Interface (1761-NET-DNI).
• The DeviceNet Interface provides slave I/O, peer-to-peer, and program upload/download capability.
EtherNet/IP communication • Connect to an EtherNet/IP network through an EtherNet/IP-to-RS-232-C interface (1761-NET-ENI, 1761-NET-ENIW).
• This module supports program monitoring and upload/download, data collection, and controller peer-to-peer communication.
• It can also send e-mail messages via SMTP and display status and configuration information through a built-in Internet server.

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