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Accessories—I/O Modules

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Removable Terminal Blocks

Removable terminal blocks (RTBs) provide a flexible interconnection between your plant wiring and 1756 I/O modules. The RTB plugs into the front of the I/O module. The type of module determines which RTB you need. You can choose screw-clamp or spring-clamp RTBs.

RTBs are not shipped with I/O modules. You must order them separately. The standard housing on the front of the wiring arm is not deep enough for 2.5 mm2 (14 AWG) wiring. If you plan to use 2.5 mm2 (14 AWG) wiring, also order the extended housing.

Removable Terminal Blocks

Specifications [PDF]

Cat. No. 1756-TBNH 1756-TBSH 1756-TBCH 1756-TBS6H 1756-TBE
Description 20-position NEMA screw-clamp RTB 20-pin spring-clamp RTB with standard housing 36-pin cage-clamp RTB with standard housing 36-pin spring-clamp RTB with standard housing Extended depth terminal block housing
Screw Torque 0.8…1 N•m
7…9 lb•in
0.4 N•m
4.4 lb•in
Screwdriver width 8 mm (5/16 in.) max

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Wiring Systems

As an alternative to buying RTBs and connecting the wires yourself, you can buy a wiring system of:

Click to enlarge - 1756RTB142prewcab_BW

For more information, see the Allen-Bradley Industrial Controls Catalog, Terminal Blocks and Wiring Systems.

Or find a wiring system for your I/O module using our Build a Catalog Number product selection tool.