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GuardLogix Integrated Safety System

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GuardLogix Controllers

Bul. 1756 ControlLogix Controllers Specifications [PDF]

Bul. 1768 Compact GuardLogix Specifications [PDF]

Cat. No. Description User Memory Module Expansion Capacity§ 
Standard Tasks and Components Safety Task and Components
1756-L61S GuardLogix safety controller 2 MB 1 MB Not applicable
1756-L62S 4 MB 1 MB
1756-L63S 8 MB 3.75 MB
1756-LSP GuardLogix safety partner⋆ 
1756-L71S GuardLogix safety controller 2 MB 1 MB
1756-L72S 4 MB 2 MB
1756-L73S 8 MB 4 MB
1756-L71SK Conformally coated GuardLogix safety controller 2 MB 1 MB
1756-L72SK 4 MB 2 MB
1756-L73SK 8 MB 4 MB
1756-L7SP GuardLogix safety partner⋆ 
1756-L7SPK Conformally coated GuardLogix safety partner⋆   
1768-L43S Compact GuardLogix safety controller 2 MB 0.5 MB 1768 Modules: 2
1769 Modules: 16
1768-L45S 3 MB 1 MB 1768 Modules: 4
1769 Modules: 30
⋆ A safety partner is required for each 1756 GuardLogix controller.
§ You can install any combination of motion and network modules in a 1768 system. A maximum of two network modules may be installed in a 1768 system.

Example Configuration—1756 GuardLogix System

Click to enlarge - 1756_CLXSystem_TypConfig_0509

Example Configuration—1768 Compact GuardLogix System

Click to enlarge - CompactL4xS_system