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Switched Mode

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Application Information

1606-XL Redundancy Capabilities

The 1606-XL family has two cost effective methods for providing redundancy to applications that are critical and can not risk failure.

1606-XL60DR, XL120DR and XL240DR Redundant Power Supplies

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The 1606-XL60DR, XL120DR and XL240DR are enhanced versions of the standard power supplies.

1606-XLRED20-30 and 1606-XLRED40 Redundancy Modules

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Extensive Diagnostic & Monitoring Functions

Protective Features:

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A - Status LED (green):

B - Diagnosis LED (yellow):

C - Check wiring LED (red):

D - Adjustor:

E - Signal contacts:

Ready (contact 1-2):

Buffering (contact 3-4):

Replace battery (contact 5-6):

Inhibit input (contact 7&8):