1609-U Industrial

Product Overview

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Bulletin 1609-U — Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply

The Bulletin 1609-U has multiple options for remote management. The device is shipped with a DB9 serial cable for serial communication. The product can be configured with the optional 1609-NMC Network Management Card for Ethernet communications. The serial connection utilizes the APC PowerChute® software, the 1609-NMC has an integrated web browser tool. The Network Management Tools allow the user to:

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Standards Compliance

UL 1778
CSA C22.2, No. 107


UL Listed (File No. E190749, Guide YEDU)
CSA Certified (File LR1234)

1609 U    500    N    H    C
      a    b    c    d    e

Power Supply Type
Code Description
U Uninterruptible Power Supply

Rated Output Power
Code Description
500 500VA (325 W)

Input/Output Voltage
Code Description
N 115V AC
E 208/230V AC

Special Functions
Code Description
S Standard Battery
H High Temp. Battery

Network Management
Code Description
C NMC included
  Can be left blank

⋆ The 750, 1000, and 1500 W selections are only available in the 115V AC size (N) with a standard battery (S). Also if a network management card is desired, it can not be ordered with the product and must be ordered separately. Contact your local Rockwell Automation sales office or Allen‑Bradley distributor.

Output Power Input Voltage Operating Temperature Cat. No.
Without Network Management Card With Network Management Card
500VA (325 W) 120V AC 0…40 °C 1609-U500NS 1609-U500NSC
0…50 °C 1609-U500NH 1609-U500NHC
208/230V AC 0…40 °C 1609-U500ES 1609-U500ESC
0…50 °C 1609-U500EH 1609-U500EHC

Description Output Power Cat. No.
40 °C replacement battery 500VA (325 W) 1609-500SBAT
50 °C replacement battery 500VA (325 W) 1609-500HBAT
Network management card 1609-NMC
Remote start cable 1609-RSC

Electrical Ratings 1609-U500N . . . 1609-U500E . . . Notes
Input V nom. 120V 230V
Capacity 500VA (325 W) Transfer points adjustable via software. Low transfer points for the 120V/230V are: 106V, 103V, 100V, 97V and 208V, 200V, 192V respectively. High transfer points for the 120V/230V are: 127V, 130V, 133V, 136V and 253V, 257V, 261V, 265V respectively.
Voltage Range, default 81…143V 160…287V Transfer points adjustable via software.
Voltage Range, widest, on line 75…153V 150…300V
Current nom. 4.12 A 2.20 A
Capacity Frequency 47…63 Hz Auto-adjusting
PFC Load power factor is reflected in the input line current
Output V nom. 120V 208/230V
Capacity 500VA (325 W)
On Line Output Range, default 106…127V 208…253V This voltage range is the default, controlled by transfer points coded in the UPS
Output Voltage Range, widest 97…136V 196…265V By setting the highest, high transfer point and the lowest, low transfer point with software
Transfer Point Accuracy +/- (2% of the transfer voltage + 1.3) +/- (2% of the transfer voltage + 2.6) In volts AC
On Battery Frequency Nominal +/- 3 Hz (Locked), Nominal +/- 0.5 Hz (Free-running)
+/- 2%
THD <5% at full (linear) load +/- 2% Typical
Crest Factor 3:1
Efficiency On Battery 77% Typical with resistive load
On Line 96% Typical with resistive load
Protection Surge EN50091-2
Overload On Line: alarm at 107%, limited by breakers
On Battery: shutdown at 107%
Output Short On Line Input circuit breakers and/or premises branch protection
Output Short On Battery Electric current limit, shutdown outputs, and latch off
Thermal Protection None
Bypass N/A
Regulatory Safety UL 1778, CSA, IEC 60950 UL 1778, CSA, IEC 60950-1, EN50091-1-1
EMC FCC (Class A) EN50091-2 (Class A)
Markings UL, CSA, FCC, CE UL, CSA, FCC, CE
Battery Pack Run Time 9.0 minutes (0.67 p.f.) 325 W full load
18 minutes (0.67 p.f.) 163 W half load
Type Standard: Sealed Lead Acid, valve regulated
High Temp.: Sealed Lead Battery
Hot swappable, user replaceable
Voltage 24V
Charger Temperature compensated current limited, float charger
Recharge Time Less than 3 hours to 90% capacity
Lifetime 2…4 years @ 25 °C ambient
Environment Temperature 0…40 °C (operating), 0…50 °C (operating - high temp. option)
-20…60 °C (short-term storage)
Altitude 10 000 ft (operating) Maximum power is derated at higher altitudes
Humidity 0…95% non-condensing (operating)
Heat Output On Line, Full Load: 137 BTU per hour
On Line, Full Load, Charging: 190 BTU per hour
On Battery, Full Load: 1706 BTU per hour
Audible Noise <45 dB @ 1 meter (full load) Typical
Communication DB9 Serial and Contact Closures Serial communication only when USB is unused
Dry Contact Low battery, on battery N.O., N.C. options for both
EPO Via Dry Contact Closure
Network Via optional Smart-Slot Card (1609-NMC)


208V AC applications: The 1609-U500E ships ready for 230V AC sources. When operating the UPS in 208V AC applications, the UPS low transfer voltage settings are adjusted through the PowerChute® software or the Network Management Card.

Refer to the PowerChute® User Guide or the Network Management Card instructions for details.

Approximate dimensions are shown in millimeters (in.) unless otherwise indicated. Dimensions are not to be used for manufacturing purposes.

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Approximate Shipping Weights

Output Power Input Voltage Cat. No. Approx. Shipping Weight
[kg (lb)]
Cat. No. Approx. Shipping Weight
[kg (lb)]
Without Network Management Card With Network Management Card
500VA (325 W) 120V AC 1609-U500NS 14.5 (31.9) 1609-U500NSC 15 (33)
1609-U500NH 13.4 (29.5) 1609-U500NHC 13.9 (30.6)
208/230V AC 1609-U500ES 14.5 (31.9) 1609-U500ESC 15 (33)
1609-U500EH 13.4 (29.5) 1609-U500EHC 13.9 (30.6)