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Pilot Light Devices

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Transformer Type Pilot Light
Cat. No. 800T-P16R
     Push-to-Test Pilot Light
Cat. No. 800T-PT16R

Type Lamp Type Volts Color Type 4/13 Type 4/4X/13
Pilot Light Push-to-Test⋆  Pilot Light Push-to-Test⋆ 
Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No.
Operator Only‡  800T-S00 800T-SB00XX 800H-SR00 800H-SRB00XX
Full Voltage§  Incandescent 24V AC/DC Red 800T-Q24R 800T-QT24R 800H-QR24R 800H-QRT24R
Green 800T-Q24G 800T-QT24G 800H-QR24G 800H-QRT24G
Amber 800T-Q24A 800T-QT24A 800H-QR24A 800H-QRT24A
No Lamp 0…250V AC/DC No Lens 800T-QN25 800T-QTN25
Universal§  LED 12…130 V AC/DC Red 800T-QH2R 800T-QTH2R 800H-QRH2R 800H-QRTH2R
Green 800T-QH2G 800T-QTH2G 800H-QRH2G 800H-QRTH2G
Amber 800T-QH2A 800T-QTH2A 800H-QRH2A 800H-QRTH2A
Transformer§  Incandescent 120V AC,
50/60 Hz
Red 800T-P16R 800T-PT16R 800H-PR16R 800H-PRT16R
Green 800T-P16G 800T-PT16G 800H-PR16G 800H-PRT16G
Amber 800T-P16A 800T-PT16A 800H-PR16A 800H-PRT16A
LED Red 800T-PH16R 800T-PTH16R 800H-PRH16R 800H-PRTH16R
Green 800T-PH16G 800T-PTH16G 800H-PRH16G 800H-PRTH16G
Amber 800T-PH16A 800T-PTH16A 800H-PRH16A 800H-PRTH16A
No Lamp No Lens 800T-PN16 800T-PTN16
⋆ Includes one standard Cat. No. 800T-XA (1 N.O. - 1 N.C.) contact block. For typical pilot light wiring diagrams, see Typical Pilot Light Wiring Diagrams.
‡ Operator only supplied without power module, lamp, lens cap, or contact blocks.
§ All pilot lights except push-to-test without sealed contacts and dual input transformer relay, are rated for Class 1, Division 2 applications.

800 T       P    T          16    G    AR
   a    b    c    d    e    f    g    h

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a    b    c    d
Protection Rating Finger-Safe Guards Power Module Type Lamp Test Options
Bul. 800T
Type 4/13
Description Bul. 800H
Type 4/4X/13
Code Description Code Description Code Code Code Description
T Metal, Type 4/13 Blank No guards P Transformer
(or dual input)
PR Blank No test option▶ 
H Plastic, Type 4/4X/13 C Guards on terminals Q Full voltage/Universal QR T Push-to-test
      D Dual input — diode∆ ♠ 
DT Dual input — transformer relay♠ 
Note: Push-to-test supplied with factory jumpered contact block.

e    f
Illumination Options Voltage
Code Description Code Description
Blank Incandescent 16 120V AC 50/60 Hz
H LED♣  26 240V AC 50/60 Hz
  46 480V AC 50/60 Hz
56 600V AC 50/60 Hz
Full Voltage — Incandescent
12 12V AC/DC
24 24V AC/DC
48 48V AC/DC
10 120V AC/DC
20 240V AC/DC
Universal — LED
2 12…130V AC/DC
Dual Input
16 120V AC
24 24V AC/DC
(Dual input diode only)

g    h
Lens Color Contact Blocks
(Push-to-test units only)
Code Color Glass Code#  Code Description
Blank No lens Blank Standard
A Amber D Blank 1 N.O. - 1 N.C.
B Blue E PenTUFF (Low Voltage)
C Clear F AV 1 N.O. - 1 N.C.
G Green H Class 1, Div. 2
R Red J Logic Reed
W White K AR 1 N.O. - 1 N.C.
  Sealed Switch
AP 1 N.O. - 1 N.C.
Stackable Sealed Switch
AY 1 N.O. - 1 N.C.

▶ Non-push-to-test pilot lights using the universal LED option cannot be ordered as Bul. 800HC or 800TC. The terminals are finger-safe as standard.
∆ Diode type dual input provides circuit isolation via opposing diodes. Not recommended for use with solid-state outputs.
♠ Dual input devices (diode or transformer type) cannot be ordered as Bul. 800HC or 800TC. Finger-safe terminal guards are not available.
♣ LED illumination option is not available with diode type dual input.
# Glass lens available on 800T pilot lights only. Not available on push-to-test units.