Bulletin 103S/107S and 103T/107T IEC Combination Starters

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Bulletin 103T/107T

Introduction Standards Compliance and Certifications Cat. No. Explanation Product Selection Modifications Approximate Dimensions
Examples given in this section are for reference purposes. This basic explanation should not be used for product selection; not all combinations will produce a valid catalog number.

103T A S D 2 Q A16 C C1P TE
a    b c d e    f g h    i    j

Bulletin Number
Code Description
103T DOL Starter with MCP
107T Rev. Starter with MCP

Contactor Size
Code Description
A 100-C09
B 100-C12
C 100-C16
D 100-C23
E 100-C30
F 100-C37
G 100-C43

Code Description
S On 141A ISO Busbar Module(s)
T On 141A Standard Busbar Module(s)
W On 141A Panel Mounting Module(s)

AC Coil Voltage
Code Description
Q 12V AC, 60 Hz
R 12V AC, 50 Hz
J 24V AC, 60 Hz
K 24V AC, 50 Hz
KJ 24V AC, 50/60 Hz
V 32V AC, 50 Hz /36V AC, 60 Hz
W 36V AC, 50 Hz
X 42V AC, 50 Hz /48V AC, 60 Hz
Y 48V AC, 50 Hz
KY 48V AC, 50/60 Hz
KP 100V AC, 50 Hz /100...110V AC, 60 Hz
D 110V AC, 50 Hz /120V AC, 60 Hz
KD 100V AC, 50/60 Hz
P 120V AC, 50 Hz
KL 200...230V AC, 50/60 Hz
H 208V AC, 60 Hz
L 208...240V AC, 60 Hz
A 220V AC, 50 Hz /240V AC, 60 Hz
F 220...230V AC, 50 Hz
KF 230V AC, 50/60 Hz
VA 230...240V AC, 50 Hz
T 240V AC, 50 Hz /277V AC, 60 Hz
E 380V AC, 60 Hz
N 380...400V AC, 50 Hz /440V AC, 60 Hz
KN 400V AC, 50/60 Hz
G 400...415V AC, 50 Hz

d (cont’d)
DC Coil Voltage
Code Description
B 440V AC, 50 Hz /480V AC, 60 Hz
M 500V AC, 50 Hz
C 550V AC, 50 Hz /600V AC, 60 Hz
Contactor Size A…G
Code Description
ZR 6...12V DC
DJ 24V DC with Diode
EJ 24V DC Electronic
ZD 110V DC
ZP 115V DC
ZS 125V DC
ZA 220V DC
ZF 230V DC
ZT 250V DC

Contactor Aux. Contacts
Code Description
2 1 N.O.
3 1 N.O. + 1 N.C.

Circuit Breaker Frame Size
Code Description
Q C Frame
R D Frame
T F Frame
F3 Bul. 140F fuse holder

Circuit Breaker Current Range
Code Description
A16 0.16 A
A25 0.25 A
A40 0.4 A
A63 0.63 A
B10 1.0 A
B25 2.5 A
B40 4.0 A
B63 6.3 A
C10 10 A
C16 16 A
C25 25 A
C32 32 A
C45 45 A

g (cont’d)
Bul. 140F Fuse Holder Type
C For 30 A Class CC fuses
F For 32 A gL-gG fuses
M For 30 A midget fuses
CL For 30 A Class CC fuses w/ B.F.I.
FL For 32 A gL-gG fuses w/ B.F.I.
ML For 30 A midget fuses w/ B.F.I.

Circuit Breaker Aux. and Trip Contacts for 140M
Select only one from each group
Bottom Front
Code Description
X‡  Without Aux. Trip Contacts
A‡  1 N.C. Aux. Contact
B 1 N.O. Aux. Contact
C 1 N.O. + 1 N.C. Aux. Contact
D 2 N.O. Aux. Contact
E‡  2 N.C. Aux. Contact
R‡  1 N.O. (SC+OL) + 1 N.C. Aux. Contact
S 1 N.O. (SC+OL) + 1 N.O. Aux. Contact
Right Side
Code Description
K 1 N.C. (SC+OL) + 1 N.C. (SC)
L 1 N.O. (SC+OL) + 1 N.O. (SC)
M 1 N.C. (SC+OL) + 1 N.O. (SC)
N 1 N.O. (SC+OL) + 1 N.C. (SC)
Q 1 N.O. (SC) + 1 N.C. (SC)
Fuse Holder Aux.Contacts for 140F
Bottom Front
Code Description
C 1 N.O. + 1 N.C. early break aux. contact
‡ Not applicable to Style "S" 141A ISO Busbar Modules.

193-ED/EE O/L Relay
Code Description
D1 193-ED Cl.10, Man. Reset
E1 193-EE Cl.10…30, M./A. Reset
  Adjustment Range
Code Description
..A 0.1...0.5 A
..B 0.2...1.0 A
..C 1.0...5.0 A
..D 3.2...16 A
..E 5.4...27 A
..F 9...45 A

i (cont’d)
193-EC Electronic O/L Relay
Code Description
C1 193-EC1 (2 Input / 1 Output)
C2 193-EC2 (4 Input / 2 Output)
  Adjustment Range
Code Description
..P 0.4...2.0 A
..A 1.0...5.0 A
..B 3.0...15 A
..C 5.0...25 A
..D 9.0...45 A
..E 18...90 A

Modifications, Accessories
Circuit Breaker Accessories
Code Description
TE Spacer Module
KN Lockable Twist Knob, Black
KY Lockable Twist Knob, Red/Yellow
Coil Accessories
Code Description
JE Electronic Interface(s)
D Surge Suppressor Diode
R Surge Suppressor RC
V Surge Suppressor Varistor
Additional Contactor Auxiliaries (Side Mount)
Code Description
S01 1 N.C.
S10 1 N.O.
S11 1 N.O. + 1 N.C.
S20 2 N.O.
Additional Contactor Auxiliaries (Front Mount)
Code Description
F11 1 N.O. + 1 N.C.
F20 2 N.O.
F22 2 N.O. + 2 N.C.
Mounting System Accessories
Code Description
MS Micro Switch (ISO Modules only)
SP Top Mount Control Plug (pull-apart terminal block with spring clamp terminals) for control circuit⋆  (standard Bus bar and panel mounting modules only)

⋆  Standard for Starters on ISO Adapters, no code required