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Bulletin 700-HK Slim Line Relay

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Slim Line Relay with Plug-in Quick Connect Terminations

  Description Contact Rating Wiring Diagrams Coil Voltage Cat. No.⋆ ‡ § 
U.S./Canada International
Click to enlarge - 700-HK36A1-4_4c SPDT
1 Form C
AgNi Contacts
16 A Click to enlarge - 700HK-98-4 Click to enlarge - 700HK-98-5 6V AC 700-HK36A06
12V AC 700-HK36A12
24V AC 700-HK36A24
120V AC ♣  700-HK36A1
240V AC ♣  700-HK36A2
6V DC 700-HK36Z06
12V DC 700-HK36Z12
24V DC ♣  700-HK36Z24
48V DC 700-HK36Z48
Bulletin 700-HK SPDT Socket 700-HN121, 700-HN221, 700-HN223 700-HN121, 700-HN221, 700-HN223 110V DC 700-HK36Z1
Click to enlarge - 700-HK32A1_4c DPDT
2 Form C
AgNi Contacts
8 A Click to enlarge - 700HK-98-7 Click to enlarge - 700HK-98-8 6V AC 700-HK32A06
12V AC 700-HK32A12
24V AC 700-HK32A24
120V AC 700-HK32A1
240V AC 700-HK32A2
6V DC 700-HK32Z06
12V DC 700-HK32Z12
24V DC 700-HK32Z24
48V DC 700-HK32Z48
Bulletin 700-HK DPDT Socket 700-HN122, 700-HN222, 700-HN224 700-HN122, 700-HN222, 700-HN224 110V DC 700-HK32Z1
⋆ LED Option: Add suffix (-4) to the selected Bulletin 700-HK relay Cat. No. except for the 240V AC units, add (-4L).
‡ For AgNi Contact with Gold Plating: Replace “3” with “X” in Cat. No. For example, if Cat. No. 700-HK36A1 is required with Gold Plating, the new catalog number is 700-HKX6A1.
§ Push-to-Test + Manual Override + LED Option: Add suffix (-3-4) to the selected 700-HK Relay catalog number, except for the 240V AC Units, add (-3-4L).
♣ For high inductive, Tungsten, or Capacitive load applications, replace the "3" with a "M" in the catalog number. Only available in a SPDT configuration and with 24V DC, 120V AC or 240V AC coil voltages.