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CENTERLINE Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers

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Advanced Digital Control of Vacuum Contactors

The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1503VC IntelliVAC controller offers a superior and efficient means of controlling vacuum contactors. IntelliVAC controllers are a quantum leap beyond traditional electromechanical control circuits. Here are just a few of the beneficial characteristics:

• The performance and flexibility of digital control, allowing the control of a wide array of contactor types (400 A, 800 A electrically held, and mechanical latch)

• Enhanced reliability as a result of embedded self diagnostics and better coordination between unit power fuses and the vacuum contactor drop-out time

• Increased productivity with features like power loss ride through (TDUV) and contactor anti-kiss, whichwere previously offered as optional features

• Motor and process protection with delayed restart built in

Non-Load Break Isolation Switch

• Electrical and mechanical interlocks prevent the switch from opening when the contactor is energized

• Ensures normal operation only when the switch is fully closed

• Allows for separate source testing when in the OFF position

• Grounded in the OFF position

• When in the open position, a visible barrier isolates the power cell from the power bus compartment

• Status of the isolation switch can be viewed through a window in the power cell door

Handle and Interlock Mechanism

• Simple direct drive mechanism improves reliability and ensures operator safety

• Mechanical interlock mechanism remains part of the enclosure to eliminate setup adjustment

• Power cell door is interlocked with the handle mechanism to prevent the door from being opened when the cell is energized

Low Voltage Compartment

• Separate 120V source is required for Test position control power
• Allows testing and troubleshooting of the power cell without exposing personnel to medium voltage
• Prevents backfeeding medium voltage through the control transformer, in Test mode
• All low voltage components are located in the low voltage panel
• Low voltage panel interior painted white for better visibility
Power Cell Compartment

• Power cell, low voltage panel, and bus compartment are isolated from each other for better fault containment
• Swing out low voltage panel for easy access to install load cables
• Isolated load cable compartments between top and bottom power cell
• Easy access for cable installation and stress cones
• Bar type current transformers are supplied as standard for overload protection and metering
Power Bus Compartment

• CENTERLINE bus designed as an integral part of the structure
• Dissipates heat more efficiently
• Edge-to-edge configuration maximizes resistance to magnetic forces and minimizes moisture or dust collection
• Molded bus brace reduces maintenance and provides better distribution of forces during a fault
• Accessible without a ladder, for installation and maintenance
• Allows for incoming line cables to enter through the top or bottom of the compartment
Rockwell Automation Medium Voltage MCC Competitive Advantage Details


Click to enlarge - MV MCC ArcShield_2high_left_4c Click to enlarge - MV MCC ArcShield_doors open_4c

The Allen-Bradley CENTERLINE ArcShield arc resistant controller provides rugged process control for applications requiring a higher level of personnel protection. ArcShield products are compliant to the IEEE C37.20.7 standard, and provide Type 2 protection. During an arc flash, the ArcShield controller safely redirects the arc flash energy out the top of the unit and away from personnel. This level of protection is also maintained when the low voltage door is open for maintenance purposes. Listed below are some product highlights.

Arc “pressure relief” vent
• Safely vents arc gases and material away from personnel during an arc flash
• Arc gases are vented out the top of the enclosure through the plenum exhaust structure

Heavy duty enclosure design
• Reinforced side sheets, doors, roof, and back plates designed to contain arc flash energy while vents open
• Added support plates secured with multiple bolts provide increased rigidity and security

Robust power cell door design
• Multi-point latching mechanism, reinforced cross bracing and gasket sealing provide arc containment
• A viewing window in the power cell door allows the operator to view the status of the isolation switch before opening the door
• Once the latching mechanism is engaged, the power cell door is bolted shut for added protection

The ArcShield products are available in a number of different controller configurations.
These are just a few of the products available:
• Bulletin 1591A Incoming units
• Bulletin 1512A/AT One high controller
• Bulletin 1512B/BT Two high controller
• Bulletin 1562E MV SMC Flex controller
• Bulletin 1506 Reversing Starter
SMC Flex

SMCs provide many features to benefit your system:
• Minimize mechanical damage resulting from full voltage starting of AC induction motors, enabling longer system life
• Limit line disturbances from inrush currents, resulting in reduced downtime
• Multiple Start/Stop modes increase functionality
• Diagnostic monitoring helps prevent problems before they occur
• Satisfy electrical distribution restrictions by reducing inrush currents

SMCs are ideal for applications where:
• Belts, gears, and chains can be damaged by across-the-line starting
• Materials can be damaged by sudden starts and stops
• A step change in torque can damage equipment
• Power company line current restrictions are imposed

With SMC soft starters you benefit from:
• Advanced diagnostics, increasing system performance
• Greater product functionality for increased system flexibility
• Decreased downtime due to advanced protection of motor winding, equipment, and materials

Medium Voltage SMC Flex Smart Motor Controller offers:
• Standard control module
    - Soft start - with selectable kickstart
    - Soft stop
    - Current limit start - with selectable kickstart
    - Linear speed acceleration⋆  - with selectable kickstart
    - Linear speed deceleration
    - Full voltage
    - Preset slow speed

• Optional control module
    - Pump control with separate start and stop profiles (eliminates water hammer)

Standard features of SMC Flex Controller
• Electronic motor overload protection
• Metering
• Diagnostics
• Built-in DPI communications (other communication options available)
• Two-line, 16-character backlit LCD display keypad programming
• Three programmable auxiliary contacts Medium Voltage SMC Flex Power Module
• Current loop gate drive (patent pending)
• Efficient heat sink profile

⋆ Requires motor tachometer.


• Spare parts lists specific to each unit
• AutoCAD® elevation and on-line drawings
• User manuals specific to each unit
• Event logging, warnings, faults, parameter edits
• Features pre-configured screens for each unit
• Allows MCC monitoring from anywhere in the user’s facilities
• Contains ActiveX controls to allow easy integration into RSView®