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Industrial Control Catalog PDF Version

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Welcome to the Allen‑Bradley Industrial Controls Catalog -- PDF Version, August 2011

Note:   Use the links below to download a PDF version of the Industrial Controls Catalog, pub. no. A117-CA001A-EN-P. Please note that the online version of the catalog may contain data updates and additional products not found in the printed version.
   If you encounter difficulties identifying or locating specific footnotes for corresponding table data while accessing the catalog, please consult your local Rockwell Automation sales office or Allen‑Bradley distributor.
   Preferred Availability products are identified in the catalog with bold catalog numbers and options. Products so identified are the most commonly ordered and are typically in factory stock.

►   Important Safety and Product Information    (256KB)
►   NEMA Motor Control    (26494KB)
►   IEC Motor Control    (55847KB)
►   Supplemental Motor Protection Devices    (1552KB)
►   Solid-State Motor Control    (11851KB)
►   Motor Control Centers    (6693KB)
►   Lighting Control    (2921KB)
►   Control Circuit and Load Protection    (4829KB)
►   Power Control    (13200KB)
►   Relays, Timers, and Temperature Controllers    (19944KB)
►   Push Buttons    (37631KB)
►   Signaling Devices    (6711KB)
►   Terminal Blocks/Wiring and Connection Systems    (43783KB)
►   Condition Sensing    (5470KB)
►   Cat. No. Index    (185KB)