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Accessories 140UE

Internal Accessories — Field Installed External Accessories
External Accessories

  Description Frame Size Cat. No.
Click to enlarge - 140U-J-TS_r Terminal Shields
IP20 Ingress Protection Rating
3-pole MCCBs H 140U-H-TS
I 140U-I-TS1
J 140U-J-TS
L 140U-L-TS
Click to enlarge - 140M-20-5 Phase Barriers
Provides additional phase clearance when special connections that extend past the circuit breaker housing are required
One package contains 2 barriers
3-pole MCCBs H 140U-H-PB
I 140U-I-PB
J 140U-J-PB
L 140U-K-PB
M 140U-M-PB
N 140U-N-PB
Click to enlarge - 140U-44-6 Rotary, Direct Couple Operating

Rotary handle - IP42 UL Type 1
Breaker mounted
Black Handle H 140U-H-RCB
I 140U-I-RCB
J 140U-J-RCB
L 140U-L-RMX
Red/Yellow Handle H 140U-H-RCR
J 140U-J-RCR
Click to enlarge - 140U-H-RVM12R_C_bw Rotary, Variable-Depth Operating Mechanism
Rotary handle - IP66, UL Type 3/12/4/4X
12 in. (30.48 cm) operating rod
Operating rod 30.5 cm
Black Handle H 140U-H-RVM12B
J 140U-J-RVM12B
L 140U-L-RVM12B
M 140U-M-RVM12B
N 140U-N-RM12B
Red/Yellow Handle H 140U-H-RVM12R
J 140U-J-RVM12R
L 140U-L-RVM12R
M 140U-M-RVM12R
Rotary, Variable-Depth Operating Mechanism
Rotary handle - IP66, UL Type 3/12/4/4X
21 in. (53.34 cm) operating rod
Operating rod 53 cm
Black Handle H 140U-H-RVM21B
J 140U-J-RVM21B
L 140U-L-RVM21B
M 140U-M-RVM21B
Red/Yellow Handle H 140U-H-RVM21R
J 140U-J-RVM21R
L 140U-L-RVM21R
M 140U-M-RVM21R
Click to enlarge - 140U-H-ECM_C_bw End Cap Kit
Provides three-phase connections for terminal or bolt-on connections
Metric hardware provided
3-pole MCCBs H 140U-H-ECM
I 140U-I-ECM
J 140U-J-ECM
L 140U-L-ECM
Click to enlarge - 140U-J-MHM_bw Replacement Mounting Hardware
(4) M4 - 0.7 x 75 mm
3- or 4-pole MCCBs H 140U-H-MHM
I 140U-I-MHM
J 140U-J-MHM
L 140U-L-MHM
M, N 140U-M-MHM

See Publication 140UE-SG001… for other accessories.