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The MT-GD2 family is a robust, tongue-operated (or key-operated) safety-interlock switch designed to fit at the leading edge of sliding, hinged or lift-off guards. With its dual entry slots and rotatable head, the MT-GD2 can offer eight different options for actuator entry.

The MT-GD2 features a compact housing of only 117 x 40 x 43 mm (4.60 x 1.57 x 1.69 in.) with DIN 50041 standard fixing centres and includes forced guided contacts and a tamper-resistant mechanism.

The MT-GD2 is available with a variety of contact configurations enabling it to be used as part of a system for higher-risk applications. Operation of the switch is achieved by the insertion of the specially-profiled stainless-steel actuator which should be permanently fixed to the leading edge of the guard door. An optional flexible actuator allows the MT-GD2 to operate on smaller-radii doors (³60 mm) and a flat actuator gives additional mounting options, for example, on a chain.

A style incorporating a latch release mechanism allows manual retention of the actuator in the switch until the release mechanism is manually activated.


MT-GD2 Latch Release Style

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