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The TLS-GD2 is a positive mode, tongue operated guard locking interlock switch that locks a machine guard closed until power is isolated and ensures that it remains isolated while the guard is open. It has three safety (N.C.) contacts and two auxiliary (N.O.) contacts. The TLS-GD2 head has two entry slots and it can be rotated to provide four actuator entry points. A blanking plug is provided to seat the unused slot.

The guard may only be opened when a signal is applied to the TLSGD2's internal solenoid which releases the lock mechanism. This signal can be via CU1 electronic timer relays or CU2 stopped motion detectors. Therefore the TLS-GD2 is ideal for machines which do not stop immediately or where premature interruption of the machine could cause damage to tooling and components or cause an additional hazard.

The TLS-GD2 is available in three types. The TLS-1 GD2 and TLS-3 GD2 incorporate a power-to-release function. Two manual release points with security screws allow the locked TLS-GD2 to be released in emergencies. An optional lid-mounted key-release style can also be supplied. The TLS-2 GD2 has a power-to-lock function. Each type of switch has five sets of contacts of various forms and are suitable for use with PLCs.

The TLS-1 GD2 and TLS-3 GD2 are both available with escape release options. They are intended for machine guarding with full body access. The switch is installed so that the escape release push button on the rear side is accessible from inside the hazardous area. This allows the intentional unlocking of the TLS-GD2 from inside a hazardous area, providing a means of escape for a person who may become trapped.

A stainless-steel actuator guide is fitted to protect the unit from actuator damage due to poor guard alignment or guard wear. TLS-GD2 has an ingress protection rating of IP69K making it suitable for harsh washdown applications as found in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, solar and semiconductor industries.

Click to enlarge - IMPORTANT With the TLS-2 GD2 “power to lock” style, provisions may be required to ensure that a dangerous situation can not result from open circuit faults or power cuts.