Non-Contact Switches

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Introduction Specifications Product Selection Accessories Approximate Dimensions Typical Wiring Diagrams Application Wiring Examples
Product Selection

Type Assured Sensing Distance LED Door Indication/Diagnostic Margin Indication Magnetic Hold Actuator Code Type Cat. No.
Cable Connector
3 m 10 m 6 inch Pigtail, 8-pin Micro (M12)
18 mm plastic barrel/18 mm actuator 15 mm (0.59 in.) Yes Standard 440N-Z21S16A 440N-Z21S16B 440N-Z21S16H
18 mm plastic 440N-Z21U16A 440N-Z21U16B 440N-Z21U16H
18 mm plastic barrel/30 mm actuator 25 mm (0.98 in.) Yes Standard 440N-Z21S26A 440N-Z21S26B 440N-Z21S26H
30 mm plastic 440N-Z21U26A 440N-Z21U26B 440N-Z21U26H
18 mm stainless steel barrel/18 mm actuator 10 mm (0.39 in.) Yes Standard 440N-Z21S17A 440N-Z21S17B 440N-Z21S17H
18 mm stainless steel 440N-Z21U17A 440N-Z21U17B 440N-Z21U17H
Plastic rectangular/rectangular actuator 18 mm (0.71 in.) Yes Standard 440N-Z21SS2A 440N-Z21SS2B 440N-Z21SS2H
Unique 440N-Z21US2A 440N-Z21US2B 440N-Z21US2H
Yes Standard 440N-Z21SS2AN 440N-Z21SS2BN 440N-Z21SS2HN
Unique 440N-Z21US2AN 440N-Z21US2BN 440N-Z21US2HN
Yes Yes (9 N) Standard 440N-Z21SS2AN9 440N-Z21SS2BN9 440N-Z21SS2HN9
Unique 440N-Z21US2AN9 440N-Z21US2BN9 440N-Z21US2HN9
Plastic housing with integrated latch Contact/latched Yes Adjustable 20…60 N Standard 440N-Z21SS3PA 440N-Z21SS3PB 440N-Z21SS3PH
Unique 440N-Z21SU3PA 440N-Z21SU3PB 440N-Z21SU3PH

Recommended Logic Interfaces

Description Safety Outputs Auxiliary Outputs Terminals Reset Type Power Supply Cat. Page No. Cat. No.
Single-Function Safety Relays
MSR127RP 3 N.O. 1 N.C. Removable (Screw) Monitored Manual 24V AC/DC MSR127RP/TP 440R-N23135
MSR127TP Auto./Manual MSR127RP/TP 440R-N23132
Modular Safety Relays
MSR211P Base
2 N.C. only
2 N.O. 1 N.C. Removable Auto./Manual or Monitored Manual 24V DC from the base unit MSR211P 440R-H23177
MSR220P Input Module Removable 24V DC MSR220P 440R-H23178
MSR310P Base MSR300 Series Output Modules 3 PNP Solid State Removable Auto./Manual Monitored Manual 24V DC MSR310P 440R-W23219
MSR320P Input Module 2 PNP Solid State Removable 24V DC from the base unit MSR320P 440R-W23218

Note:  For additional Safety Relays connectivity, see Safety Relays.
For additional Safety I/O and Safety PLC connectivity, see Programmable Safety Solutions.
For application and wiring diagrams, see Safety Applications and Wiring Diagrams.

Connection Systems

Description Cat. No.
Cordset 889D-F8AB-⋆ 
Patchcord 889D-F8ABDM-‡ 
Safety Wired T-Port 898D-438Y-D8
Safety Wired Shorting Plug 898D-418U-DM

⋆  Replace symbol with 2 (2 m), 5 (5 m), or 10 (10 m) for standard cable lengths.
‡  Replace symbol with 1 (1 m), 2 (2 m), 3 (3 m), 5 (5 m), or 10 (10 m) for standard lengths.
Note: For additional information, see Safety Connection Systems.