Magnetically Coded

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With the increasing speed and complexity of applications a simple magnetic switch may be insufficient to meet the increased risks, therefore the design incorporates several magnetically sensitive elements which must be triggered in a particular sequence to operate correctly.

The sensor with its molded-in brackets and diminutive size, is extremely versatile and simple to install. For high-risk applications the control unit is used with a single sensor to give a high-integrity system. For other applications, multiple sensors (including mechanical switches) can be connected.



  MC1 MC2
Safety Ratings
Standards EN954-1, ISO13849-1, IEC/EN60204-1, NFPA79, EN1088, ISO14119, IEC60947-5-1, IEC/EN60947-5-3, ANSI B11.19, AS4024.1
Safety Classification Cat. 1 Device per EN 954-1; Dual channel interlocks suitable for Cat. 3 or 4 systems
Functional Safety Data ⋆ 
Note: For up-to-date information, visit
B10d: > 2 x 106 operations at min.
PFHD: > 3 x 10-7
MTTFd: > 385 years
Dual channel interlock may be suitable for performance levels PLe or PLd (according to ISO 13849-1:2006) and for use in SIL2 or SIL3 systems (according to IEC 62061) depending on application characteristics
Certifications CE Marked for all applicable directives, cULus, and TÜV
Outputs (Guard Door Closed, Actuator in Place)
Safety Outputs 2 N.C. REEDS 2 N.C. Solid-State Relays
Auxiliary Outputs 1 x PNP, 0.2 A max.; Status: OFF (0V DC)
Operating Characteristics
Operating Distance, Make [mm (in.)] 8 (0.3) 10 (0.39)
Operating Distance, Break [mm (in.)] 15 (0.59) 25 (0.98)
Misalignment Tolerance, Min See Misalignment Wire
Repeat Accuracy 10% of Sensing Range
Output Current, Max. 200 mA 200 mA
Switching Current @ Voltage, Max. 24V DC @ 200 mA 24V DC @ 200 mA +10%/-15%
Operating Voltage/Power Supply 24V DC, +10%/-15%/50 mA max./Class 2 SELV
Frequency of Operating Cycle 1 Hz 1 Hz
Enclosure Type Rating IP67 (NEMA 6P) IP 69K
Operating Temperature [C (F)] -10…+55° (+14…+131°)
Relative Humidity 5…95%
Shock IEC 68-2, 27, 30 g, 11 ms
Vibration IEC 68-2-6, 10…55 Hz
Radio Frequency IEC 61000-4-3, IEC 61000-4-6
Physical Characteristics
Housing Material Molded ABS Ultrador
Actuator Material Molded ABS Ultrador
Color Red
⋆ Usable for ISO 13849-1:2006 and IEC 62061. Data other than B10d is based on:
- Usage rate of 1op/10 mins., 24 hrs/day, 360 days/year, representing
51840 operations per year
- Mission time/Proof test interval of 38 years

Product Selection

Type Operating Voltage/Input Current Safety Outputs Auxiliary Outputs Status Indicator Connection Cat. No.
MC1 2 N.C. REEDS No 4-Pin Micro (M12) 440N-Z2NRS1C
3 m Cable 440N-Z2NRS1A
10 m Cable 440N-Z2NRS1B
MC2 24V DC, +10%/‑15%/50 mA max. 2 N.C. Solid-State Relays 1 x PNP, 0.2 A max.; Status: OFF (0V DC) Yes 8-Pin Micro (M12) 440N-Z21W1PH
3 m Cable 440N-Z21W1PA
10 m Cable 440N-Z21W1PB

Recommended Logic Interfaces

Description Safety Outputs Auxiliary Outputs Terminals Reset Type Power Supply Cat. Page No. Cat. No.
Single-Function Safety Relays for 2 N.C. Contact Switch
MSR127RP 3 N.O. 1 N.C. Removable (Screw) Monitored Manual 24V AC/DC MSR127RP/TP 440R-N23135
MSR127TP 3 N.O. 1 N.C. Removable (Screw) Auto./Manual 24V AC/DC MSR127RP/TP 440R-N23132
Modular Safety Relays
MSR210P Base
2 N.C. only
2 N.O. 1 N.C. and 2 PNP Solid State Removable Auto./Manual or Monitored Manual 24V DC from the base unit MSR210P 440R-H23176
MSR220P Input Module Removable 24V DC MSR220P 440R-H23178
MSR310P Base MSR300 Series Output Modules 3 PNP Solid State Removable Auto./Manual Monitored Manual 24V DC MSR310P 440R-W23219
MSR320P Input Module 2 PNP Solid State Removable 24V DC from the base unit MSR320P 440R-W23218

Note:  For additional Safety Relays connectivity, see Safety Relays.
For additional Safety I/O and Safety PLC connectivity, see Programmable Safety Solutions.
For application and wiring diagrams, see Safety Applications and Wiring Diagrams.

Connection Systems

Description Connection to Distribution Box
4-Pin Micro (M12)
8-Pin Micro (M12)
2 N.C. 2 N.C. & 1 N.O.
Cordset 889D-F4AC-⋆  889D-F8AB-⋆ 
Patchcord 889D-F4ACDM-‡  889D-F8ABDM-‡ 
Distribution Box 898D-4§ LT-DM4
Shorting Plug 898D-41LU-DM
T-Port 898D-43LY-D4

⋆  Replace symbol with 2 (2 m), 5 (5 m), or 10 (10 m) for standard cable lengths.
‡  Replace symbol with 1 (1 m), 2 (2 m), 3 (3 m), 5 (5 m), or 10 (10 m) for standard cable lengths.
§ Replace symbol with 4 or 8 for number of ports.
Note: For additional information, see the Safety Connection Systems.


Description Cat. No.
MC1 Spare actuator 440N-A17233
MC2 Spare actuator 440N-A32114

Approximate Dimensions

Dimensions are shown in mm (in.). Dimensions are not intended to be used for installation purposes.

Click to enlarge - 440N-Z2NRS1A Dims

Typical Wiring Diagrams

Description MC1 MC2
2 N.C. 2 N.C. + 1 N.O.
4-Pin Micro (M12) Click to enlarge - M12 D-Coded 4-Pin Male Pin-out B (Safety)
8-Pin Micro (M12) Click to enlarge - DC Micro 8-Pin Male S_Pin-out (Safety)
or Cable Version
Brown Safety A
White Safety B
8-Pin Cordset
or Cable Version
Grey Safety A
Red Safety A
Pink Safety B
Yellow Safety B
White Aux
Brown 24V DC +
Blue Gnd
Green NA
⋆ Replace symbol with 2 (2 m), 5 (5 m) or 10 (10 m) for standard cable lengths.

Sensing & Misalignment Curve

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MC2 Application Wiring Example

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