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The MSR144RTP is a versatile monitoring safety relay. It can be connected in four different input wiring configurations: one normally closed, two normally closed, two PNP connections from a light curtain, or a four-wire safety mat. When connected in the two normally closed fashion, the MSR144RTP checks for cross faults across the two inputs. When connected to light curtains, the light curtain must perform the cross-fault detection.

Any combination of up to five MSR230 and MSR238 output modules can be easily connected to the MSR144RTP by removing the terminator, inserting a ribbon cable from the expander and then placing the terminator into the last expansion module.

The MSR144RTP has output monitoring that can accommodate either automatic/manual reset or a monitored manual reset. When configured with automatic/manual reset (jumpers on X1-X2 and X3-X4), the MSR144RTP can have the reset terminals S33-S34 jumpered or can be converted to an unmonitored manual reset by adding a normally open switch in the monitoring loop (S33-S34). When configured to monitored manual reset, the MSR144RTP checks the output monitoring circuit through the manual application of the reset switch.

The outputs include two normally open safety rated outputs, two normally closed auxiliary outputs, and two solid-state auxiliary outputs. One solid-state output indicates the inputs are closed. The second solid-state output indicates the safety outputs are active.

The safety outputs have independent and redundant internal contacts to help ensure the safety function. The auxiliary outputs are nonsafety outputs intended to provide an external signal about the status of the safety outputs.


LED Indicators

Green Power
Green Start
Green CH1 IN
Green CH2 IN
Green CH1 output energized
Green CH2 output energized