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Sipha™ Control Units

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With the increasing speed and complexity of applications a simple magnetic switch may be insufficient to meet the increased risks, therefore Sipha’s design incorporates several magnetically sensitive elements which must be triggered in a particular sequence to operate correctly. The Sipha sensor, designed to operate with its own actuator, helps prevent defeatability by a simple magnet.

The control unit is available in three types. The Sipha 1 control unit operates on 24V AC/DC and offers one normally open safety output and one normally closed solid-state auxiliary output. The Sipha 2 control unit operates on either 24V AC/DC, 110V AC or 230V AC and offers two normally open safety outputs and one normally closed auxiliary output. The Sipha 6 has wiring terminals for up to six sensors, a delayed output for Category 1 stops and offers the same wide range of power supply capability as the Sipha 2 control unit. Between two and six Sipha sensors can be directly connected to the Sipha 6 control unit. An internal DIP switch mutes the unused connections to sensors 1, 2, 3 and 4. This allows for individual monitoring to each interlock and provides enhanced safety integrity when compared to six interlocks running off a single Sipha 2 control unit.

The Sipha control units are designed to operate with the Sipha sensors and actuators. The controllers have automatic reset.


LED Indicators

Green LED Power on
Green LED Output Closed