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The MSR211P forms one of the base units for the modular Minotaur MSR200 family of monitoring safety relays. It can be combined with other modules of the MSR200 Series to configure a safety control system with numbers of inputs and outputs matching users’ specific application requirements, as well as diagnostic and networking capabilities. Up to ten input modules and two output modules can be connected to one base unit by simply removing the terminator, included with each base unit, and connecting the ribbon cables of the neighboring module. The terminators must be inserted into the final input and output modules.

The MSR211P has two inputs. Each input can be wired in one of three ways: one normally closed, two normally closed, or two OSSD connections from a light curtain. The MSR211P does not perform cross fault monitoring, and would not detect a short across the inputs of a two normally closed input. When connected to light curtains, the light curtain must perform the cross fault detection.

The MSR211P has the capability to perform external device monitoring (EDM). The EDM capability works in conjunction with the reset option. The user selects EDM and the reset function by jumpers across terminals Y40, Y41 and Y42.

The MSR211P has two semiconductor outputs designed to send status information to a PLC. Terminal Y33 indicates the inputs are closed (the ready LED is on). Terminal Y32 indicates the outputs are active.

The outputs include two normally open safety rated outputs and one normally closed auxiliary output.


LED Indicators

Green Input 1 Closed
Red Input 1 Open
Green Input 2 Closed
Red Input 2 Open
Green CH1 Output Active
Green CH2 Output Active
Green Power
Green Run (Outputs Active)
Red Stop (Outputs Off) + Diagnostics
Amber Ready (Inputs Closed)