Configurable Safety Relays (300 Series)

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The MSR310P is one of the base units available for the MSR300 system. It can be combined with other modules of the MSR300 Series to configure a safety control system with numbers of inputs and outputs matching users’ specific application requirements, as well as diagnostic and networking capabilities. Up to ten input modules and six output modules can be connected to one base unit by simply removing the terminator, included with each base unit, and connecting the ribbon cables of the neighboring module. The terminators must be inserted into the final input and output modules. A fully utilized system can support up to 20 inputs devices (e-stops/gates) and 18 normally open outputs.

The MSR300 System supports up to three group outputs. The input modules can be configured to control one or more of the output groups. This creates flexibility for the customer to solve applications requiring simple logic functions (simple AND and OR function). No software is needed for configuration, only rotary switches on the Input Modules are required. Please see the Input Modules for more information.

The base module supports multiple reset configurations for each group output. The user can select from the following choices: manual, manual monitored and automatic reset. The reset configuration is set up by jumpers on the base module terminals. If manual monitored and automatic reset is mixed, the preferred combination of Output Group Modules should be considered.

The MSR310P base module does not have any inputs or safety outputs within the device. A minimum of one input module and one output module are required to make a functional system. The base module does have three solid-state auxiliary outputs to signify the status of the output groups—one output for each Group (1, 2, or 3).

The MSR310P has the capability to monitor external devices individually for each group with a separate feedback loop control.