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Essential Components Catalog (America)

Welcome to the Rockwell Automation Essential Components Catalog.

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Table of Contents

  Power    Logic    Safety
  ►   Circuit Breakers    ►   Relays, Timers, and Temperature Controllers    ►   Presence Sensing Safety Devices
  ►   NEMA Motor Starters & Disconnects    ►   Programmable (Micro) Controllers    ►   Tongue Interlock Safety Switches
  ►   IEC Control, Load, and Disconnect Switches    ►   Control Circuit and Load Protection    ►   Guard Locking Interlock Safety Switches
  ►   NEMA Contactors and Starters    ►   Power Supplies    ►   Non-Contact Interlock Safety Switches
  ►   IEC Contactors and Starters    ►   Control Transformers    ►   Safety Relays
  ►   Motor Protection    ►   Power & Energy Management    ►   Emergency Stop Safety Devices
  ►   Distributed Motor Control    ►   Surge and Filter Protection    ►   Position Interlock Safety Switches
  ►   Distributed Starters (Safety Version)           ►   Safety Connection Systems
  ►   Soft Starters and Solid-State Contactors    Connectivity       
  ►   Drives    ►   Terminal Blocks and Wiring Systems    Sensors & Switches
         ►   Signal Conditioners    ►   Phototelectric Sensors
  Operator Interface    ►   Connection Systems    ►   Proximity & Ultrasonic Sensors
  ►   Push Buttons    ►   Power Media    ►   Limit Switches
  ►   Signaling    ►   Network Media    ►   Encoders
  ►   Graphic Terminals    ►   Distributed I/O    ►   Condition Sensing

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