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XM-Serial Configuration Utility

Serial Configuration Utility

The XM® series from Rockwell Automation is the world’s first machine monitoring and protection system designed as a distributed network of modules deployed on an open standard industrial bus.

The XM Serial Configuration Utility is an easy to use Windows® application for installing and configuring the XM series modules.

The Serial Configuration Utility can execute "on line" or "stand alone". When executed in "stand alone" mode the tool may be used to read, modify and write configurations stored on disk. When executed "on line" the tool can upload configurations from a module, download configurations, and firmware updates, to a module and view data from the module.

Connection to an XM module is via the module’s serial interface using either the mini-connector located on top of the module or the three-wire connections on the module’s terminal base. A convenient 2 meter interface cable is available, that provides a standard PC type 9-pin D-subminiature connector on one end and a 5-pin XM serial port mini-plug on the other end. The Serial Configuration Utility is packaged with every XM Measurement and Relay module sold.


Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows:

NT, 2000, XP

Computer Requirements


400 MHz CPU, 128+ MB RAM, 10MB free disk space

¬ Almost any up to date PC will suffice for configuring modules. The recommended configuration is suggested for systems that will be heavily used or that will be used to view live data.

The Serial Configuration Utility includes the ability to read and write text format configuration files. Configuration files may be saved, updated and read. The files, while normal text format, are named with file extensions unique to each module (¬ .120, ¬ .320, etc.).

Auto Save Configuration

When configurations are sent to the module they only overwrite the "active" configuration. Enabling Auto Save Configuration insures that the updated "active" configuration is also copied to nonvolatile memory.

When a module powers up, if a configuration is stored in its nonvolatile memory, that configuration will be loaded and the module will go online. Otherwise the module will power up and wait, in program mode, to be configured via Automatic Device Replacement (ADR) or manually by a user.

DeviceNet Address Management

The tool is used for setting the DeviceNet address for each module. Available addresses are from 0 to 62 with ADR. When ADR is not required available addresses are 0 to 63.

Firmware Update

The tool allows for updating module firmware.

Alarm & Relay Management

The Tool provides a clear overview of the status of all alarms and relays.

The Tool also provides a RESET function for each individual ¬ (latched) relay.

¬ The hardware reset button on XM Measurement and Relay Modules resets ALL latched relays whose condition has cleared. The Tool allows for discrete relay management.

Max Speed Management

The XM vibration modules retain the value of the highest speed observed since the module was started or the Max Speed was reset. This function allows for resetting the "max speed". When pressed the Max Speed value will be reset to the current speed.

View Data

The tool provides the following plots / data presentation:

Spectra Plots:

For spectra data from any dynamic measurement.

Time Waveform:

For time domain data from any dynamic measurement.


For overall levels available from any dynamic measurement.


All discrete level parameters from any XM measurement module.

Password Protection

The serial configuration utility includes a password facility that can preclude unauthorized use.

Supported Hardware

Model Description
XM-120 Standard Vibration
XM-120E Eccentricity
XM-121 Low Frequency Vibration
XM-122 gSE Vibration
XM-123 Aeroderivative
XM-220 Dual Speed
XM-320 Position
XM-360 Process
XM-361 Universal Temperature
XM-362 Thermocouple Temperature
XM-440 Master Relay
XM gateway modules are configured using appropriate network tools.

Ordering Instructions¬ 

Catalog Number Description
1440-SCDB9FXM2 XM Serial Communications Cable
¬ The Serial Configuration Utility is not available for sale.
It is included with every XM measurement and relay module sold.