Pico QD

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Cordset Patchcord Receptacles

889P F    4    A    B 10
     a    b    c    d    e

Connector Type
Code Description
A Straight Female, LED, NPN
B Straight Female, LED, PNP
E Right Angle Male (External Threads)
F Straight Female (Internal Threads)
G Straight Male, Snap On
H Right Angle Male, Snap On
J Straight Female, NPN, Snap On
K Straight Female, PNP, Snap On
M Straight Male (External Threads)
N Right Angle Female, LED—NPN
P Right Angle Female, LED—PNP
R Right Angle Female (Internal Threads)
S Straight Female, Snap-On
W Right Angle Female, PNP, Snap-On
Y Right Angle Female, NPN, Snap-On
Z Right Angle Female, Snap-On

Number of Pins
Code Description
3…4 Number of Pins

Jacket Material
Code Description
A PVC Cable, Yellow, Unshielded
J PUR Cable, Black, Unshielded, Halogen Free
U PUR Cable, Yellow, Unshielded

Wire Gauge
Code Description
B 24 AWG

Cable Length
Code Description
Blank Meters (0M3 = 0.3 m)

Note: The Configurators are for reference only. Please do not use these to create a catalog number as the result may be unavailable.