Drive Application Software

Providing Solutions for your Performance Drive Applications

Drive Application Software brings together an outstanding range of application experience and performance drive products to provide the user with pre-engineered and cost effective drive application solutions. Drive Application Software is offered in two software product platforms.

A Drive Application Set is a specialized configuration of drive parameters to support a particular application. Application Sets are not custom programming, but a configuration of the standard drive parameters designed to simplify a user’s implementation of a standard drive application. Application Sets are free downloads and provided AS IS.

A Drive Application Module is a software program that includes the required application programming, integrated Functions Modules, and Application Set necessary to control a specific process. Application Modules are compete RSLogix 5000™ programs designed for the PowerFlex® 700S with DriveLogix™ to include the most commonly required features and specific functions for a particular drive application.

Drive Application Software Overview

Application Sets

PowerFlex 40

PowerFlex 700 VC

PowerFlex 700S Phase I

PowerFlex 700S Phase II

Application Modules