Integrated Motion Control

Integrated Motion Control


Spool Winder with Ultra5000 Intelligent Positioning Drive

Spool winding applications require that material be wound and evenly spaced on a spool or core. Either the dimension of the material, size of the spool or the number of turns required for a layer determines the spacing. This requirement usually means a winding machine that is very product specific. An Ultra5000 Intelligent Positioning Drive and brushless servomotor used as a traverse guide on a winding machine will provide the flexibility to accomplish a variety of winding tasks easily. Using electronic gearing, the material guide and spool will maintain a constant position relationship regardless of the spool velocity. With optional cam software you can perform variations to the gearing process such as end turn treatments, while maintaining position relationship to the spool.

Transformers, for example, often require several windings with a variety of numbers of turns depending on if the winding is a primary or secondary. The size or gauge of the conductor is also dependent on current capacity. The Ultraware program will prompt the machine operator for information on the winding process through a dedicated operator terminal. Calculations will be performed within the program to determine how many layers will be built up and how to evenly spread out the windings for that last layer, all from entering the material dimension, length of core, and number of turns required for the winding. As the core is rotated, its position is transmitted to the positioning drive module by an optical encoder mounted to the core spindle. The traverse guide simply follows the core as it is rotated, and will dwell at the end of the core to make that full last turn on the layer if required.

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Advantages of a Servo System

Provide flexibility with a wide variety of winding applications can be performed with the same machine with little or no changeover.