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Kinetix 6000 Safe-off Servo Drives with Peak Enhancement: 250% Peak Capability

Motion applications that require fast acceleration and deceleration for a limited time will benefit from the Peak Enhancement feature being added to certain 460V Kinetix 6000 Safe-off Servo Drives in December 2008. Peak Enhancement allows you to configure select Kinetix 6000–S drives to produce torque up to 250% of continuous rated current for limited duty cycles. This enhancement will provide higher peak current, potentially downsize the drive power supply and axis modules, and reduce panel space required. Additional benefits include reduced hardware cost, a smaller footprint, and easy integration into your motion applications that are already a part of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture.*

* The catalog numbers that will support 250% peak include the Series B version of the following: 2094-BC01-MP5-S, 2094-BC01-M01-S, 2094-BC02-M02-S, 2094-BMP5-S, 2094-BM01-S, and 2094-BM02-S.

Configuring your Kinetix 6000 Safe-off Servo Drive for Peak Enhancement

The Peak Enhancement Configuration Tool [1.65MB EXE] conveniently allows you to configure your select 460V drives to achieve 250% of rated current. If you've never used the configuration tool, see the How-To Guide [DOC] for an example that steps you through configuration.