Networks and Communications


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Networks and Communications


Rockwell Automation's NetLinx open networks allow you to simultaneously control, configure, and collect information from your lowest device up to your enterprise using open networking technology. These networks include — DeviceNet™, ControlNet™, and EtherNet/IP™ — and speak a common language known as the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) as well as share a universal set of communication services. Part of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture, these CIP networks help you to improve flexibility, reduce installation costs, and increase your productivity.

The well-established CIP network standard ensures your network investment is sound today and in the future — built on open technologies supported by ODVA, international standards organizations, and have millions of nodes installed world-wide along with hundreds of vendor products in the market today.

CIP Safety

CIP Safety is an extension to the application layer which allows safety devices to coexist with standard control devices on the same CIP Network, either with or without a Safety PLC. No matter what combination of devices is used, the integrity of the safety control loop cannot be affected by any of the standard control devices. CIP Safety is compliant with the functional safety standard International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61508 up to safety integrity level (SIL) 3. CIP Safety's end-to-end protocol gives responsibility to ensuring safety to the end nodes—rather than the bridges, routers, or intermediate nodes. Rockwell Automation has multiple offerings which support CIP safety capabilities.

CIP Sync

CIP Sync is a time synchronization extension to CIP, based on and fully compliant with the IEEE-1588 Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems. CIP Sync provides the increased control coordination needed for demanding events sequencing, distributed motion control and other highly distributed applications, where absolute time synchronization of devices is vital. CIP Sync provides a common time reference for the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix programmable automation controller (PAC) architecture. With this technology, synchronization down to 100 nanoseconds can be achieved using unmodified, standard Ethernet hardware.

CIP Motion

CIP Motion provides deterministic, real-time, closed loop motion control over the standard, unmodified Ethernet of EtherNet/IP. With the addition of CIP Sync, multiple axes can be coordinated for precise, coordinated motion control applications. CIP Motion's use of time-stamped data along with its simple timing model eliminates any hard synchronization constraints between the drive and the controller. Real-time data values are adjusted at the end device at the time the data is applied, no need to hard schedule the network traffic. CIP Motion delivers an open, high bandwidth, high performance solution for multi-axis, distributed motion control.