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The following is a brief description of the MCB revision history:

1.00: First Release

2.30: Enhanced noise immunity

3.01: Released Trending and VP & CP Autotune

4.01: Enhanced EEprom fault reporting for SP-83 & SP30 SEEG devise, VP indirects added, check for Ia with contactor open.

4.02: Consolidate 1396 & 1395 board assemblies

4.03: Enhanced Feedback calculation on first pulse, CP phase loss updated for HKVA, software change for BH processor.

5.01: Released Tach recovery algorithm, BH E-step microprocessor, changed checksum routine VP & CP,

  • Added noise filter caps for CP-101-106.
  • Added P688 Tach Switch Tolerance. Note: P688 Used on 5.01 FW only. P731 & P732 used on all other FW.
  • Added P689 Tach Switch Ki
  • Added P690 Tach Switch Kp
  • Added P691 Tach Switch Select
  • Rev 18 = Enhanced 24VDV Fault Reporting
  • Rev 19 = Enhanced CP-06 Phase Loss Reporting

6.01: & 7.01 Both released & recalled.

8.02 Rev 4 = Further Enhanced 24VDV Fault Reporting.

8.02 Rev 5 = Further Enhanced CP-06 Phase Loss Reporting

8.03 VP:

  1. Motor Thermal Overload - Modified algorithm for self ventilated motor options to work above 150% of base motor speed, P629 = 3 or 4.
  2. Process Trim - Enhanced process trim regulator for enable/disable from logic command when using process trim velocity limiter function. The Process Trim Select (P628 = 0) had to be used instead of Logic Command bit to disable Process Trim.
  3. Velocity Regulator - Modified integrator in the PI regulator for current limit switching. except switch from motoring to regen or vice versa.
  4. CEMF regulator - Modify IR compensation so that 1PU CEMF is now equal to 100% at FULL LOAD. Previously, 1PU was the motor nameplate voltage at no load.
    Old: CEMF = Terminal Volts - IR
    New: CEMF = (Terminal Volts - IR)/(1 - R)
  5. Field Flux Auto Tune Enhanced
    • Allow CEMF regulator to trim flux reference to near zero (Formerly limited to 10 % minimum) during autotune.
    • Increase wait time for each flux table measurement from 5 seconds to 15 seconds.
    • Change test for up to speed (during field flux autotune) to use a constant 5% instead of being tied to the speed tolerance parameter, to reduce the occurrence of "Motor not up to speed" faults.
      • SP:
        1. Slave percent 2 (P670) Enhanced EEprom Save & Recall function for this parameter.
        2. CEMF feedback (P120) - Change conversion formula and units display from volts to percent (4096 = 100 %) to accommodate CEMF regulator change (see #4 above).
      • CP:
        • Auto tune test - Modified autotune to work with a wider range of motors, (inductance related).
        • Change diode to enhance CP-15 24V PS Loss reporting.
        • Change diodes to enhance CP-06 Phase Loss reporting.

Note: 8.03 to 8.10 only updated the micro's. Functionality did not change.


  • Rev 1. Released.
  • Rev 2. N/A (change diode tape/loose insertion)
  • Rev 3. Change diode to enhance Vel & Armature Voltage readout stability on the terminal.


  • Rev 1. New Features Added:
    • Added P744 Bridge Switch Delay. (For electromagnet applications)
    • Increased P617 Rated AC Voltage Maximum to 690 vac.
    • Increased P610 Rated Motor Voltage Maximum to 850 VDC.
    • Enhanced df/dt functions to accommodate motor/generator switchover.
    • Enhanced Encoder Feedback processing.

10.10 Rev 1. Enhanced Autotune feature to work with higher inductance motors.

  • Added P745 K_disc Fraction for increased resolution.
  • Added P746 Arm_Volt_Offset to calibrate Arm Volts Zero +/- 20 volts.
  • Change P734 K_disc default from 1024 to 288 and min value from 33 to 4.
  • Change P735 KP Armature Loop default from 710 to 2330.
  • Change P736 KI Armature Loop default from 90 to 386
  • Change P741 and P742 Current Loop BW minimum from 100 to 40.9.30 Rev 1. Renumbered 10.10 firmware to 9.30 to accommodate ITS & DT-32. No functional changes.