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Environment Altitude 1000 m (3300 ft) max. without derating

Ambient Operating Temperature

IP20: –10 to 50 degrees C (14 to 122 degrees F)
NEMA 1: –10 to 40 degrees C (14 to 113 degrees F)

Cooling Method
All drive ratings: Fan
Storage Temperature: –40 to 85 degrees C (–40 to 185 degrees F)
Atmosphere: Important: Drive must not be installed in an area where the ambient atmosphere contains volatile or corrosive gas, vapors or dust. If the drive is not going to be installed for a period of time, it must be stored in an area where it will not be exposed to a corrosive atmosphere.
Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing
Shock (operating): 15G peak for 11ms duration (±1.0ms)
Vibration (operating): 1G peak, 5 to 2000 Hz
Control Method Sine coded PWM with programmable carrier frequency. The drive is supplied as a 6 pulse converter.
Carrier Frequency Frames C and D: 2-10 kHz
Frame E: 2-8 kHz
Both drive ratings based on 4 kHz.
Frequency Accuracy Digital Input: Within ±0.05% of set output frequency.
Analog Input: Within 0.5% of maximum output frequency, 10-bit resolution ±2% of full scale
Analog Output: 10-bit resolution
Speed Regulation - Open Loop
with Slip Compensation:
±1% of base speed across a 60:1 speed range.
Stop Modes: Multiple programmable stop modes including - Ramp, Coast, DC-Brake, Ramp-to-Hold and S Curve.
Accel/Decel: Two independently programmable accel and decel times. Each time may be programmed from 0 - 600 seconds in 0.1 second increments.
Intermittent Overload: 110% Overload capability for up to 1 minute
Electronic Motor Overload
Class 10 protection with speed sensitive response.
>Input / Output Ratings Output Frequency 0-320hz (Programmable)
Efficiency 97.5% (Typical)
Digital Control Inputs (Input Current=6mA) SRC (Source) Mode 18-24V = ON
0-6V = OFF
SNK (Sink) Mode 0-6V = ON
18-24V = OFF
Analog Control Inputs 4-20mA Analog 250 Ohm Input Impedance
0-10V DC Analog 100k Ohm Input Impedance
External Pot 1-10k ohms, 2 Watt Minimum
Control Output
Programmable Output (form C relay)
Resistive Rating 3.0A at 30Vdc/125Vac/240Vac
Inductive Rating 0.5A at 30Vdc/125Vac/240Vac
Opto Outputs 30V DC, 50mA Non-inductive
Analog Outputs (10 bit) 0-10V, 1k ohm Min. : 4-20mA, 525 ohm Max.
Protective Features Motor Protection I2T Overload Protection - 110% for 60 Seconds, 200% for 3 Seconds (Provides Class 10 Protection)
Over Current 200% Hardware Limit
300% Instantaneous Fault
Over Voltage 200-240Vac Input - Trip at 405Vdc Bus Voltage (Equivalent to 290Vac Incoming Line)
380-480Vac Input - Trip at 810Vdc Bus Voltage (Equivalent to 575Vac Incoming Line)
Under Voltage 200-240Vac Input - Trip at 210Vdc Bus Voltage (Equivalent to 150Vac Incoming Line)
380-480Vac Input - Trip at 390Vdc Bus Voltage (Equivalent to 275Vac Incoming Line)
Control Ride Through Minimum Ride Through is 0.5 Seconds, Typical Value 2 Seconds
Faultless Power Ride Through 100 milliseconds