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Conversion Assistance This will help you convert your current older drive with a newer one.

Current Firmware


Data Sheets

Drive information & specifications

DB Minimum Resistance Documentation on the minimum resistance values required for dynamic braking.
Discussion Forum Online Discussion Forum for the PowerFlex 70
EDS Files Download electronic data sheets for the PowerFlex 70 Drive.


Frequently asked questions

Fault Finder Troubleshoot faults on the PowerFlex 70 with this guide.
Firmware Update Tutorial Walkthrough for Flash updating your PowerFlex drive.
Interfacing With Safety Relays A document written about wiring up the PowerFlex 70 with Safety Relays and similar equipment


Technical documents for the Powerflex 70


Allen-Bradley's collection of manuals for the Powerflex 70

Parameter Listing Sheet An Excel Spreadsheet listing all default values for parameters, and includes an area for changed values.
Parts List Available parts for the 7 Class Powerflex drives.
Product Page Product information for the PowerFlex 70
Troubleshooting Steps Beginning troubleshooting steps

Wiring Examples

Examples of ways to wire the Powerflex 70