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Fault # Display Name Fault Type
2 Auxiliary Input Auto Reset/Run
3 Power Loss Auto Reset/Run
User Configurable
4 UnderVoltage Auto Reset/Run
User Configurable
5 OverVoltage Auto Reset/Run
7 Motor Overload Auto Reset/Run
User Configurable
8 Heatsink OvrTemp Auto Reset/Run
9 Trnsistr OvrTemp Auto Reset/Run
12 HW OverCurrent Auto Reset/Run
15 Load Loss  
16 Motor Thermistor  
17 Input Phase Loss  
24 Decel Inhibit User Configurable
25 OverSpeed Limit Auto Reset/Run
29 Analog In Loss Auto Reset/Run
User Configurable
33 Auto Rstrt Tries User Configurable
36 SW OverCurrent Auto Reset/Run
38 Phase U to Grnd  
39 Phase V to Grnd  
40 Phase W to Grnd  
41 Phase UV Short  
42 Phase UW Short  
43 Phase VW Short  
48 Params Defaulted  
49 Drive Powerup  
51 Flt QueueCleared  
52 Faults Cleared  
63 Shear Pin User Configurable
64 Drive Overload  
71-75 Port 1-5 Adapter  
77 IR Volts Range  
78 FluxAmpsRef Rating  
79 Excessive Load  
80 AutoTune Aborted  
81-85 Port 1-5 DPI Loss  
87 IXo VoltageRange  
91 Encoder Loss  
100 Parameter Chksum Non Resettable
101 UserSet1 Chksum Non Resettable
102 UserSet2 Chksum Non Resettable
103 UserSet3 Chksum Non Resettable
104 Pwr Brd Chksum1 Non Resettable
105 Pwr Brd Chksum2 Non Resettable
106 Incompat MCB-PB Non Resettable
107 Replaced MCB-PB Non Resettable
108 Anlg Cal Chksum  
111 Enable Hardware  


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