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This page is for Standard Control only.

Conversion Assistance This will help you convert your current older drive with a newer one.
Current Firmware 3.002
DB Minimum Resistance Document the lists out the minimum resistance values required for dynamic braking.
Dimensions (Frame 0 - 6) Dimension drawings available for the PowerFlex 700
Fault Finder Troubleshoot faults on the PowerFlex 700 with this guide.


Technical documents for the PowerFlex70 0

Literature Library Allen-Bradley's collection of manuals for the Powerflex 700
Migration Considerations Information on migration to a Powerflex 700 with vector control or from a Powerflex 70.
Parameter Listing Sheet An Excel Spreadsheet listing all default values for parameters, and includes an area for changed values.
Product Page Product information for the PowerFlex 700
Spare Parts List Available parts for the 7 class Powerflex drives
Specifications PowerFlex 700 drive specifications
Troubleshooting Steps Beginning troubleshooting steps
Wiring Diagrams Wiring breakouts and diagrams for the PowerFlex 700