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Q? You have 3 slot in PF753 - does the Power supply card take one of the slots?
A. No it does not

Q? With the dual encoder input could one of the encoders be used for a speed reference and the second encoder be used for motor feedback to improve speed regulation?
A. Yes

Q? Safe speed monitor when used with incremental encoder must be 5 vdc not 12 vdc
A! With Universal Feedback for incremental feedback is 5VDC. With the dual encoder, the feedback is 12VDC

Q? Why there is no Feedback information on the Safe Torque Off (750-S )?
A. Not required because this new design is solid state and there are diagnostics between the option module and the drive.  The design used on the PowerFlex 40P, PowerFlex 70, and PowerFlex 700S is electromechanical and requires the feedback to meet it’s certification level.  On the PowerFlex 750 series, a general purpose output can be setup to provide feedback for convenience, but it is not required and not part of the safety circuit.

Q? If we want to use safe speed card, in safe torque mode ( to eliminate safety relay)  do we still need an encoder?
A! Yes

Q? Is the Aux Power Supply the board that allows the drive control and HIM to be powered up without the line power being energized?
A! Yes, the aux power supply will provide power to the drive and HIM when there is a loss of power.  The customer has to supply 24V to the aux power supply.

Q? Will torque prove be added to PowerFlex 753?
A! There are no current plans for this.

Q? When will 600V be made available, how about 230V?
A! In the plan; delivery date to be determined at a future date.

Q? Will the PF750 series be able to use the 20-COMM-R with PLC5 or SLC 500 based systems?
A! Yes, make sure to double check the data format.

Q? Will a PF753 specific Ethernet card be forthcoming or will we always need to use the 20-COMM-E?
A! 20-COMM-E is the solution today. We are evaluating a Ethernet card specific to the PowerFlex 750-Series.

Q? Can a 20-COMM-E be used in conjunction with the native Ethernet port on a 755 to accommodate "daisy-chaining" of the drives.
A! You can do point to point communication, but no ring configuration (daisy-chaining) at this time.

Q? There is no standard 4-20mA input for the PF753.  Is this correct?  Must use an option card?
A! There is One analog input as standard that can be used 0-10V or 4-20mA